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LC 2nd: Duke Fardoragh Archenhaud by MakiLoomis LC 2nd: Duke Fardoragh Archenhaud by MakiLoomis
I wanted to make a bad boy as my second charakter for :iconludus-chaos::iconpapmingplz:

It took me a bit longer with this oldmans sheet, since I didn't know how to put the colors ;u;

BUT HERE HE IS! Though I am going to have a though name trying to remember his name ; 7 ;

There will be some repetition from Todwen's bio but I have marked it with cursive style, meaning that you don't need to read it if you made through her bio already x 7 x

For :iconludus-chaos:
☩Name: Fardoragh Archenhaud

☩Gender: Male

☩Age: Unknown [Appears to be 40-45 years old in apperance]

☩Race: Monster species

☩Height: 6'6 feet


Tier 2 Magic

|Element ability - Lightning|
Just like his offspring lil'Todwen, he is able to bend and manipulate lightning at his will and mostly uses it to burn her opponent and for fending himself
But even though he can use his magic much longer then Todwen he needs to rechargh after every spell and sometimes it takes him longer to reload.

|Lightning bolt|

Sends handful of lightning bolts from the palm of his hand towards the target. He bends the stream of lightning but it will drain his magicka faster.

While using his staff as a charger she either surounds herself with smaller runes to prevent close combat but leaves insteed herself for more open for archery but also for other spells like fireballs.

It is also possible for him to cast runes outside his range at 50 ft but he can only cast it one at a time with recharging in between.
But he can not use the same attack twice afterwards and have to reload.

|Chaos magic|

Being the clear influence for Todwen's curiousity of Chaos magic, Fardoragh is fully gifted with in this taboo magic.
But the outcome of his use of magic fully depends on his emotional feelings. He has to focus deeply and keep himself in a greyzone but his pride his probebly is one of his weakest point, which controls the out come of this magic.

And, of course, it takes the biggest tool of his magikca (and also threatening his life) and he has to prepare himself in advance (with meditation and so on.) for using it in longer battles.

|Natural talents| Hearing|

Just like Todwen Fardoragh has perfect hearing. Even though he can't rotate them independently he can insteed thanks to their almost bat-ear shape, he can use them to "see" when his sight has been limited.
But being in noisy crowds dose give him a disadvantage and all sounds melts togheter, making it hard to detect new sounds or even danger.
He cannot handle sound or high frequency based-attacks which can over stimulate his hearing and can even put her into confusion and a "blinded" state. This can also be very dangerous for him while using chaos magic!


- Wraithwalker
- Ex-citizen of The Sanctuary


- Duke
- Warlock


- Staff for runes and other spells.
- Sword: only uses it for close combats.
- Rings: I did not add them into the app but he us supposed to have a few rings on his fingers. Q7Q They are very good for back handing peoples faces eve b

☩Character History:

Fardoragh is one the heads of the noble monster-family of mages called “The noble Archenhaud family”.
The family is located inside of the Sanctuary and is known of have created wellgifted mages, philosophers, politician and even a few successful healers.
But no one is sure from where the first Archenhaud dissented from but many of the Archenhaud’s academics who has studied the family’s history has agreed that the Archenhaud family is one of the oldest wizard family that goes back thousands of years back in time.

Early documents has existed but has been destroyed by rival and conspiracy family members.
Now days all documents, family books and records of the family are safely secured by the Walking city’s library in hope of saving them for future generation.
But even though that the Archenhaud’s has generated highly wise people and many loyal supporters to Evelyn McCauley, their successful history has never remained long and not many members grow to become very old.
Many of the Archenhaud’s are extremely greedy and power hungry and has too many times been tricked away from the light and left the Walking city to join the darker factions.
Many members has fallen victim by their own greed, been killed by other family members or have even been contracts to the Ordo Exorcista but mostly because of misuse of Chaos magic.

Due to the family’s weakness to greed, power and over powered by Chaos magic the Archenhaud has grown less in numbers over the last couple of hundreds of years and the infant mortality rate is high.
It doesn’t help that the Archenhaud is extremely rigorous to marry away daughters and sons to other noble families and often take time to find the suitable marriage candidate.

The Archenhaud has been ruled by patriarchy and it was only the men that were allowed to become mages or take one of the mentioned occupations or even own a family business.
The women were expected to rule the household and, of course, give birth to sons until 400 years ago. Due to that many male Archenhaud family member was killed, the widows of the mages influence grew stronger and demanded equal rights. Todwen’s grandmother was the one who drew the “revelation” to give the women of Archenhaud equal power to pursue any studies or occupations and succeeded.
As she was near a financial crisis due to her husband’s death Todwen’s grandmother began to sell most of the family’s heirlooms and curiosity to give her children food on their plates, which her husband had earned through his travels, and soon “The Archenhaud’s curiosity store” was created by her new founded power.

Fardoragh could have been one of the more sucess full glory story. Being one of 12 children he got the best education that money could get. But even though he had a great childhood he already had a greed for power and knowledge. As being one of the youngest of siblings he was easily pushed around by his elder and stronger brothers.
He suceeded with his studies and quickly rose in status among the Archenhaud has wise, gifted and a loyal supporter of Evelyn McCauley. He was also soon married away with one of his cousins and lived a good life.
But somewhere on the round, things went wrong....

It isn't know how Fardoragh stumpled upon Chaos magic but it quickly englufed him with knowledge and his eagerness to advance his power only grew. It made him distance himself from his duties as a duke inside of the Sanctuary and his family members.

And soon the Archenhaud's was struck by tragedy.

Fardoragh's wife had been found dead in the manor soon after the birth of Todwen and neither the child or Fardoragh was seen. It became rather clear that his wife hadn't died of natural causes.
Fardoragh had killed his wife (and cousin ; 7 ;') with unknown reasons and had left the Sanctuary to join the Wraithwalkers as a Chaos duke. A titel that gave him even more room to grow.
Todwen spent her first years with her father and even though that Fardoragh had killed his wife and mother for his child in coldblood, he was a rather loving father. A manipulative but loving father.
Fardoragh introduced his daugheter early for the power of Chaos magic but he never managed to give her a full education.
Through a coup from Archenhaud family members Todwen was brought back to the Sanctuary without Fardoragh's knowledge and it was also arranged that he was banned from ever returning to the sancruary due to his crimes and handling of Chaos magic.

Enraged but knowing that Fardoragh wouldn't be able to fight Evelyn McCauley and other family members, he stayed with the Wraithwalkers.

Years has passed and Fardoragh has become stronger. His goal is to overthrown the current Black King and take the throne by collecting a army of knowledge hungry mages behind closed doors.
But will he ever suceed with his goal or is he on the road to self destruction?


|| Sadistic|Cunning|Manipulative|Cold|Snobbish| Ferocious|Self-absorbed| Thinks himself of being powerful||

Fardoragh is a highly dangerous monster. If he sees a goal with someone's death he won't hesitate to take that life. But he also tries to make that person join his leauge in promise of knowledge and power.
He has been a rather common target for monster hunters and people who fight for the light but knows how to deal with them. Or rather, how to kill the reckless once.

Approch him carefully and play on his weaknesses and you'll do just fine.

- Trick and manipulate peoples mind for his own goals
- His torture chamber <3
- His daughter [He hopes that he can pass his knowledge to her. But he can very likley throw her away if she disobedient to his will and goals.]
- Himself
- Inflict pain on others
- Being alone

- Too much/high noises
- People calling him Fardor
- People invading his personal space
- "People who fights for the light"
- Monster hunters


- He has a long braid that ends bellow his lower back.
- His daughter is Todwen Archenhaud
- His voice actor would definitely be Andreas Apergis, the same actor who voiced Cesare Borgia in Assassins Creed Brotherhood.
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